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Benefits to the Singing Voice

Does your heart want to sing but you think you would never be good enough?  

Maybe you were told to mime in the school choir.

Have you sometimes developed difficulties, hoarseness, loss of range and vocal stamina?


Do you want to improve your communication skills and raise your performance level bringing about confidence and conquering nerves and stage fright?

These problems can be addressed in a stress free environment where you can find your true voice.

View a video from a concert at the Royal Grammar School, Worcester, UK - July, 2011 with Sally Porter Munro (mezzo-soprano) and Graham Fitch (pianist) .

In my singing teaching practice I integrate the principles of the Alexander Technique to enable the student to be more aware of the use of the body-vital for singers as the body is the singer's instrument. The first step

is to become aware of the physical habits that are interfering with the freedom to make a beautiful, unforced sound.


We must then learn how to undo these habits and replace them with new positive ones. If left unchecked the repetition of singing with excess tension (tight jaw, stiff neck, locked ribs, etc) can lead to vocal damage. The student may be well aware of a problem such as running out of breath or lack of breath support; but at a loss as to how to deal with it. By bringing the student's attention to areas of the body that he or she had never before consciously linked with vocal production (hip joints, knees and lower back), they discover where they have been holding tension or over working and blocking progress. If the student is a beginner they will have the advantage of learning to combine awareness of the are use of their body and breath from the very start. From there, they will build a vocal technique free from unwanted stress.

When a singer knows how to use his or her whole self to create proper conditions for vocal production, there follows a security that leads to consistent, healthy singing which gives great pleasure to the performer and the audience.

'The feeling that your tone is free, borne on its own wings of energy, is one of the greatest delights of life - because you are its creator'

Giovanni Battista Lamperti, Dresden, 1890's

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