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What our clients say

“Sally is the best singing teacher I have ever had. She changed for the better my whole way of singing. She is also a warm, fun person, with great talent herself. She sings in the San Francisco Opera Chorus and is our church choir director.”

Michael M

"My first singing lessons were with Sally only two years ago. I have recently accepted a place at Lawrence University to major in voice. Sally helped to build my voice with a solid healthy technique. The lessons are very focused but fun."

Hansen W

"Working with Sally has been tremendous. She's one of very few instructors in the Bay Area who combines classical training with Alexander Technique. Her approach is supportive and engaging, with a spot of tea and a lot of great work. Studying with Sally is a blast. Work hard and listen to what she says and like me, you'll surprise yourself. Highly recommended!"

Leon R

"I began studying  with Sally Porter Munro  over 10 years ago after a very long gap with no singing at all. She helped me find my voice, build my technique and perform in recitals. I am now a member of the choir in St Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco."  

Joy W

"George seamlessly articulates theory and practical which coalesce into a …true testament to F.M. Alexander's work."

Daina B

"My own experience of George is of direct communication, present and not sentimental."

Frank O


"You are quite frequently sent thoughts of blessing and thanks.

Ginnie P


"George is the true example of someone who thinks and takes time before reacting." 

Greer E


"I have been astonished by George’s clarity and ability to adhere to Alexander's principles."

Peter E

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