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Teacher Training Course

Become an AMSAT certified instructor 

Meet the instructors George I. Lister & Sally Porter Munro of NCCAT               Meet the graduates of NCCAT 

The Teacher Training Course at the Northern California Center for the Alexander Technique,  is a program leading to certification by the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT). The curriculum is devoted to helping students embrace the principles of the Alexander Technique and enjoy a time of non judgmental self discovery. Classes are located in the Sunset District of San Francisco and in the beautiful Portside complex adjacent to San Francisco Bay in Redwood City, California. George Lister is the director of training, and he is assisted by his wife Sally Munro who is a professional singer and singing teacher as well as Alexander Teacher.
The school year of 36 class weeks, begins mid September and concludes mid July. Visiting teachers are welcomed and study exchange programs with prominent AmSAT certified training courses are encouraged and accredited. Upon completing the minimum three and maximum five years study, students will have accumulated the 1600 hours necessary for certification by AmSAT.

Students receive hands on work each day from the director, associate director and visiting teachers and are gradually encouraged to interact amongst themselves to experience the power and intimacy of one on one work. Using the medium of hands on work, students learn to develop and incorporate a strong foundation of inhibition, the most basic and important of Alexander's principles. Creating a willingness to inhibit (ie stop and re consider), allows students of this training course to reach a deeper understanding of themselves and their intentions and goals, maintain the integrity of Alexander's principles and teachings, and fulfill their potential as teachers of the Alexander Technique. For further discussion about inhibition, refer to the essays, "Leaving Yourself Alone" and "Page 124" on The Alexander Technique blog on this site.

The curriculum at NCCAT includes the reading, study and lively discussion of all four of Alexander's books. - the talks of Walter Carrington compiled in The Act of Living and Thinking Aloud (Mornum Time Press), The Alexander Journal (published by the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, London, UK), and many others. Students are encouraged to investigate additional written material about the Technique and bring their discoveries to class. Open discussions concerning these writings occur frequently, and a library of these talks are available on request.

The Northern California Center for the Alexander Technique has become a true hub for the Alexander Technique in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to the Training Course, we host frequent teacher and trainee exchanges, workshops in the Alexander Technique and related topics, and visiting Alexander teachers and trainees from the Bay Area and beyond. NCCAT offers teaching terms to graduates of certified training courses and offers short term programs of 2 – 6 weeks in order to experience the training course environment prior to a matriculated commitment.  

The training course shares time in the City of San Francisco and on the beautiful peninsula of the San Francisco Bay Area, immediately adjacent to San Francisco Bay and convenient to both San Francisco and San Jose.

We would be pleased to hear from you and to have the opportunity to arrange a visit to the training course.

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