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George I. Lister & Sally Porter Munro
AMSAT Certified Instructors

The Alexander Technique can help anyone who wishes to regain more ease, flexibility, tone, breath, fluidity, strength, expressiveness and grace.

Would you like to reduce stress &  pain?

The Alexander Technique is a proven method to help reduce
discomfort from demanding so much of ourselves in our daily lives. The Technique is also found in many rehabilitation programs to help heal injury and recuperate from surgery.  The principles of the Technique teach us that by choosing to use our bodies well and efficiently, we can move freely and easily with a poised, balanced and graceful posture.

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Need help with your singing voice?

Sally Porter Munro and George I. Lister bring more than 50 years combined experience to their study, teaching and application of The Alexander Technique. They work with students to help them overcome stress, pain, discomfort and interference with doing the best they can no matter what their activities.

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