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The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a proven method to help reduce pain and stress. Although the Technique is educational and not therapy, it is found in many rehabilitation programs to help heal injury and recuperate from surgery. The Alexander Technique is also a vital part of the curriculum of many universities and conservatories both here and abroad, and is made available to employees of select companies and corporations. 

The purpose of the study of the Alexander Technique is to get in touch with our natural postural habits of movement and expression that have always been a part of each of us. During the course of a lesson, the teacher will, through verbal and hands on instruction, help the pupil contact a feeling of ease, lightness and connection perhaps no experienced since childhood. The student begins to recognize that movement and expression are within our control, and therefore we are able to determine the amount of tension and muscular activity applied to any task. Through a study of the Technique, we learn to use our energy more efficiently, and stresses and strains that may have led to discomfort and pain, begin to go away. 

As we study the Alexander Technique, we learn there are many ways to go about our activities no matter what they may be. with consciousness and awareness, we become open to the alternatives of our life routines without unnecessary pain and stress. It is with this understanding that we learn to use only the effort we truly need for any activity. 


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